Payroll Services

Payroll is one of the largest expenses a business owner incurs while trying to run their business.  To most business owners, running payroll and paying the payroll taxes associated with the payroll are both confusing and time consuming.  Many business owners are overwhelmed with all the different agencies that they have to pay payroll taxes to.  The risks associated with not properly keeping up with payroll reporting and paying payroll taxes can be costly.  The government doesn’t play when it comes to paying payroll taxes.   Our payroll services can give you a peace of mind knowing they are handled correctly.  We offer payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best, running your company.

  • Full Service Online Payroll Processing – you enter and approve the employees hours on payday and we do all the rest:
    1. Payroll and Employee Setup
    2. Direct Deposit for paychecks
    3. Electronic drafts for tax payments
    4. Quarterly payroll reports electronically filed
    5. Annual payroll reports electronically filed (940, W2’s/W3, etc.)
    6. Email notifications keeping you in the loop
    7. Time clock (optional feature)
    8. Client access to comprehensive payroll reports
    9. One monthly service fee and not per payroll run
  • After-The-Fact Payroll Services – We can take what you have already done for payroll and get you the necessary payroll reports and taxes.